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QYH BIOTECH COMPANY LIMITED(here in after referred to as “QYH”) was established and registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in July 2004, with registered capital 128 million Yuan (RMB). The company is primarily engaged in manufacture, sales and research of animal vaccines and diagnostic products, as well as in technical service, project investment and international trade.
With a long history traced back to 1931, QYH is the first animal vaccine manufacturer in China. It has made outstanding contribution to the national animal epidemic prevention in various times, including the prevention of hog cholera, rinderpest, AI, FMD and etc.
Directly under the central national enterprise, QYH is the largest poultry vaccine manufacturer in China. Moreover, it is the unique enterprise designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of PRC to produce both AI and FMD Vaccines simultaneously. As a backbone enterprise in Chinese animal disease prevention system, there are four GMP qualified production bases under QYH, namely QYH Nanjing Bio-pharmaceutical Factory, QYH Zhengzhou Bio-pharmaceutical Factory, QYH Beijing Bio-pharmaceutical Factory and QYH Baoshan Bio-pharmaceutical Factory. Nowadays, QYH can produce animal biological products and diagnostic reagents for more than 50 sorts, nearly 200 specifications. The annual output is up to 20 billion doses, and the domestic market share ranks the first in the field of animal biological products. With several products successfully registered and exported to Indonesia and other countries, QYH has established extensive commercial cooperation with Southeast Asia and several surrounding countries
QYH is the high and new technology enterprise of Beijing, the AAA rank trusted enterprise authorized by Agriculture Bank of China and the ZC2 trusted rank enterprise in management, credit, taxpaying of Beijing Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park. It also is the vice president unit of China Animal Health Products Association, president unit of Council of Avian Diseases and Biological Products of China Academy of Agriculture and Veterinary. QYH has strong R&D capacity. In the recent two years, it has acquired several Certificates of New Veterinary Drugs and more than 20 approval numbers for several self-developed products.
Looking forward to the future, QYH will reorganize advantageous resources and promote competitive power, so as to build the international brand of animal health products, and develop into the world-class and everlasting enterprise of veterinary biologics.


Products of QYH :


Reassortant Avian Influenza Virus , Inactivated (H5N1,Re-1 Strain )
This product is applied in protecting chickens ,ducks and gooses from H5 Subtype virus infection .


Reassortant Avian Influenza Virus , Inactivated (H5N1,Re-5 Strain )
This product is applied in protecting chickens ,ducks and gooses from H5 Subtype virus infection .


Newcastle Disease Vaccine , Inactivated (La Sota Strain )
To prevent chickens from Newcastle Disease virus infection


Newcastle Disease , Infectious Bronchitis and Egg drop syndrome Vaccine ,Inactivated(La Sota +M41 Strain +AV127 STRAIN )
Prevention of chicken from Newcastle Disease Virus , Infectious Brochitis and Egg Drop Syndrome virus infection