EGAVET For Trade and Veterinary Services



(Innovative Animal Feed Additives)

(Non-nutrition, the future of animal nutrition)


Non-nutrition nutrients enhance livestock production through non-nutritional mechanisms which result in the regulation of the immune and endocrine systems, metabolism and the gut microflora without impacting the nutritional content of animal feed.
Pancosma is based in Geneva, Switzerland, cradle of the famous flavour & fragrance industry.
Creation, production and sales of flavours for the animal feed industry
First to discover “Gut Effects”, promoted as Intelligent Gut Action (IGA)
Established ISO-FUSION Technology® standards
First to create heat-stable flavour range PAN-TEK® Robust
Launch of toxinbinders range
First heat-stable non-irritant bioactive XTRACT® 6930
Capsaicin pioneer
First glycine-based organic trace elements: B-TRAXIM®
one of the first to achieve 4 of the highest quality standard systems in the feed industry: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, FAMIQS & HACCP.
Rigorous quality control standards ensure feed safety, and certify that finished products specifications are consistently met
We ensure a high level of quality and create products that are stable, dust-free, non-irritating, efficient and ready-to-use




The tool to promote performance and well-being across many animal species 


Unique range of organic trace minerals