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(A leading global provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals)


Norbrook is the only company in the world which is licenced by the united states food and drug administration (FDA) to manufacture sterile injections for veterinary use outside USA
Norbrook was established in 1969, in Newry, Northern Ireland, UK, by the late Lord Ballyedmond. It is one of the largest, family owned, veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our portfolio of trusted animal health products is distributed in more than 100 countries through our Regional Sales Team and a network of longstanding distribution partners. We aim to be the first to market with generic veterinary pharmaceutical products with differentiators or enhancements in comparison to pioneer products. We have a history of product innovation; we invest significantly in Research and Development; and we have a strong pipeline of products, a key growth driver for the company.


Prouducts :


Alamycin Aerosol : is a cutaneous antimicrobial blue coloured spray containing oxytetracycline hydrochloride.


Alamycin LA : is an antimicrobial solution for injection containing 200 mg/ml of oxytetracycline. .


Alamycin LA 300 : is a long acting antimicrobial solution for injection containing 300 mg/ml of oxytetracycline.


Betamox LA : is an antimicrobial suspension for injection containing 150 mg/ml of amoxicillin


Bovaclox DC: containing cloxacillin and ampicillin in a long acting base. preventing further infection during dry period


Calciject 40 CM: is a calcium and magnesium solution for injection


Closamectin Injection: contains ivermectin and closantel.


Hexasol LA: is a combination treatment of flunixin and oxytetracycline


Life-Aid Xtra: is an oral rehydration product indicated for the reversal of the processes of dehydration


Norocillin LA : white aqueous sterile suspension contain benzathine pencillin & procaine pencillin


Levacide Injection is a broad spectrum levamisole containing anthelmintic


Lactaclox : combination of cloxacilin & ampicillin therapeutically effective against major mastitis pathogens


Multiject IMM : broad spectrum cover wide range of G+ve & G-ve organisms


Noromectin Injection : is a ready-to-use, sterile, nonaqueous solution of ivermectin.


Pen and Strep: is a combination antimicrobial solution for injection containing Procaine Penicillin and Dihydrostreptomycin Sulphate.


multi vitamin injection : sterile aqueous solution containing vit. A , D3,B1,B2,B6,B12,E,Nicotinamid,Dexapanthenol


VIT E SEL : A white sterile emulsion containing Vitamin E , Selenium


Flunixin : potent NSAID Anti-inflammatory , non narcotic , analgesic, anti-pyretic & anti-endotoxin properties


NoroTryp: treatment of blood parasites (trypanosomiasis and babesiosis)