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The Hygenic Company


Animals need a hygienically clean environment so that they feel comfortable and perform well. A high bacterial load in the poultry house is a burden on the health of the animals and affects their performance. Hygiene is therefore a crucial success factor.
Regularly cleaning and disinfection keeps the likelihood of infection low and reduces the risk of diseases. EWABO will work with you to develop a comprehensive and individually tailored hygiene concept to meet your requirements and support you in implementing the necessary measures. With round about 40 years of experience in the area of poultry house and animal hygiene, EWABO supports you as a livestock farmer and will work with you to develop a holistic hygiene concept for your operation.
Poultry Biosecurity is becoming more and more important. Pathogens should not get onto the farm in the first place. In the poultry house itself, targeted hygiene measures prevent the spread of pathogens.
In parallel to thorough poultry house cleaning and poultry house disinfection, personal hygiene is an essential component of a high standard of hygiene.
The sum total of all measures ultimately contributes to maintaining good health and thus to the wellbeing of the animals.




Mentofin : in case of post vaccination reactions due to IB or NCD Vaccinations& infectious Bronchitis infections


ALDEKOL FF: surface disinfectant –liquid concentrate


ALDEKOL 03 : Superior virucidal disinfectant


ALDEKOL GDA: Disinfectant for hatching egg


PL.56: To remove the calcification on the surfaces


QUATO VeT: Disinfectant tanks, water lines and disinfecting drinking water