EGAVET For Trade and Veterinary Services

About Egavet


Arab Egyptian Group for trade and veterinary services [Egavet] is a pioneer company in serving livestock industry in Egypt through providing the latest technology in the field of Bio-security, feed additives and animal health products.

Egavet has been established in 1992. During more than 25 years in the Egyptian market, Egavet has achieved a good reputation and become the most trustable company for high quality products and services.

Egavet supplies the Egyptian market with high quality products by representing research based multinational companies. Providing the Egyptian market with Bio-security products By Ewabo – Germany, also it furnishes its customers with feed additives by Nutri-ad- Belgium, Nutri-star and Timab -France, Moreover, it supplies the marketplace with yeast by Lallemand animal nutrition – France, Feed Enzymes by AB-Vista – Finland, chelated minerals, nature extract and Flavors by Pancosma – Switzerland. Furthermore, it provides it with calves’ milk re-placers by dealing with a French company called Bonilait Proteins – France

The company has expand its activities to veterinary vaccines from QYH- China and product for dairy cattle form Norbrook-UK

Egavet also distributes distinct local products of Cid company for Pharmaceutical Industries and Al-Nasr company for chemical industries.

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